Problems Fetching Email Certificate from Opera


I am unable to retrieve my certificate in Opera after clicking on the link as it gets stuck on the message “Attempting to collect and install your Free Certificate…”

I tried autolink and also the link wherein password is to be entered manually.

When I try to retrieve it in IE, I get the error message, this was not the browser you used to request the certificate.

I wanted to know if Opera is supported by Comodo, i read on one link that Opera needs activeX in order have the certificates fetched correctly, but the dll file it refers to is no longer present in the specified location in IE program files folder

Anyone got any clues on this issue…
i have filed a ticket for this too

I have the same issue with Opera 10. Any ideas how to solve this?


I recommend you to use either IE or Firefox to appply and collect the certificate to solve this issue.


That’s not really an option, though. Once you’ve used Opera to apply for the certificate, you need to use Opera to download it, otherwise you have to restart the process through a different CA. Unless there is a way to convince Opera to download the public key, or else a way to export the private half of the key pair and import it into Firefox, it is a very bad idea to tell people they can use Opera to apply for a certificate. Once they try, they’ll never be able to use a Comodo certificate for that particular email address.


No, there is a solution for this. You can ask comodo support to revoke the applied certificate so that you can reapply for the certificate for the same email id. You can send your revoke request to