Problems at updating virus database


i used CIS since a long time ago and it starts a few weeks ago with the newest version of CIS.
Because no Firewall/Antivirus Solution is perfect, I installed antivirus in the newest version too.
Some days ago, I detected at antivir that it founds much "malware/virus ". But why?!
First i think i got a pain in my heart… but it cant be true… then I want to find out, what causes this always returned maleware/virus detection…
Today I found it… when I am updating my CIS Virus database… it downloads some files into temp folder, always like → CB and then 4 Hex Letters , for example : CBDF52.tmp , I think that this files are for the update event.
I started to search at antivir forum about this, some post says, that this files are fp… false positiv and that you have to send an email to the manufactor to notify them about missing encyrption or something like that -.- , but i cant send it to you now, because after the update event the files are away…

now i want to know, is this a bug or, normal, can i do something against it , or is my computer in danger because of this update files?!

thanks for your anwser and sorry for my bad english :smiley:

Do you have Comodo Antivirus and Avira running at the same time?

If so then this is your problem. You shouldn’t have two real-time scanners running at the same time.