Problems after upgrading, even if firewall is disabled

I recently upgraded to ver I tried to search for help before posting, here and on Google. I always try to fix things myself, but I’m not sure what to do on this one. Maybe it has been discussed before and I just missed it. Anyway, here is my problem.

I had an older version of Comodo, don’t know what version it was but it was probably at least six months old. It worked fine. Once I upgraded to the new version, things aren’t quite right. I can browse the internet with no problems. However, uTorrent doesn’t list me as connectable and other computers in the network can’t ping me or browse my shared files. My ports are forwarded and I’ve followed the uTorrent tutorials, I don’t think I’m missing anything(though I could always be wrong). The reason I’m writing is because even with the firewall disabled or shutdown these problems persist. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

So I don’t know why these problems happen even with the firewall disabled. I have cable internet, use WinXP SP2, and always log in with administrator.

I would appreciate it very much if someone could help me. I hope this wasn’t a redundant post. Thanks for your time!

Hi barnacle

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Try downloading version and do fresh install of that one. I’m sure that it will work fine for you. If you still have trouble with uTorrent there is lots of good technical help here on the forum.


Thanks for the response!

I did as you suggested, uninstalling Comodo and then downloading and installing the newest version. Unfortunately, it did not fix the problem. Furthermore, my problem persists even when Comodo is uninstalled.

Before installing the new version, I tried to ping my computer from another in the network. The pings did not go through, though I can use the affected computer to ping others.

As I mentioned, the problem is not just uTorrent, I just used that as an example to illustrate one facet of my difficulties. If anyone can offer further help, I would really appreciate it. I’m really stuck here.

Hi barnacle

The older versions often had a bad habit of uninstalling properly. My next suggestion would be to uninstall using the instructions here and reinstalling v-18.309 again. I know this is a pain but sometimes the only way to solve a problem. It sounds like it may have some old registry entries that are causing a conflict.


Ah, that appears to have done the job. Thank you so much!

I found this same anomoly; when Comodo was giving me problems I tried disabling it too, but it didn’t fully disable. I had to completely uninstall it before it “released” my system. My guess is the Disable feature isn’t letting go of something, because once you select that the firewall should actually be disabled.