Problems after installing IE7

After i installed IE7, comodo firewall crashing every time when i am performing any action involving file lists

*“Files waiting for your review” list

  • Network security policy list
  • Computer security policy list
  • When i creating applications group, after i click “Add files”

Basically, firewall work in background with no problems (until he crash) but without managing security policies he is pretty useless imo.

I captured screenshoot of error, i can’t send you error file because error reporting tool crash too :\

Help please

P.S. I am comodo user for almost 2 months and i have no problems with him until now

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Are you using the current .276 version of CFP? Fixed this problem for most users.


Tried to reinstall few times, problem is still here

Thank you for your time

This may just be a coincidence and the installation of IE7 may not have anything to do with it. I sporadically get these crash dumps and they seem to be random for me. I reported this problem
back in the BETA days and the bug has reared its head in almost every version since the last few betas, RC and Finals.;msg102400#msg102400;msg99459#msg99459

Open a ticket and keep sending the dumps until they do something about it :slight_smile:

My ticket number for my crash dumps is [SUPPORT #LUF-526256]: