probleme with comodo firewall !!! help !

hey all

i have a probleme with comodo i have windows 7 x64 bits i installed comodo firewall 32/64 or 64bits i have the same probleme my probleme it say The network firewall is not functioning properly

I Run a diagnostic

but it dosn’t correct the erreur this is the rapport xml :

can you please help me ?

sorry for my bad english because i’m french

and thanks

Do you have ARP cache protection enabled? Try disabling it.

There is a bug with it that will be fixed in an update that is scheduled for Monday.

nop it’s not activated

please what can i do ? i can show you the probleme in teamviewer if you wante :cry: !

Hello lucien,

It seems from your report that the driver ‘inspect’ from CIS has failed to load or to install, Please Uninstall and then restart, and then download a fresh copy and install again

You may use the Uninstall Tool AFTER you have ran the Built-in Uninstaller

If you do not know how to use the built-in Uninstaller Please go to Start > Programs > Comodo > Comodo Internet Security > Add Remove Components > next > remove > restart once told to do so

Kind Regards