Problematic install for v3.0.12.266 & (x86)

I uninstalled v2.4 and did a reboot, cleaned up some of the leftover registry entries manually (wish that cleanup script was searchable on here) and then rebooted again.

Now I proceeded to install the firewall, opting to install the Basic (as I only want the firewall, no Defense+). So I get it installed, following the prompt to reboot. Reboot happens and I’m now back into Windows. There is no Comodo icon in the systray, and I’m getting both firewall alerts and Defense+ alerts. This stuck me as odd, considering I told the installer to only install the firewall.

I also verified the MD5 and it matches, so I know it’s not a bad download.

Anyone else had this problem? Help is welcome.

Same issue with

Is anyone else having these issues? I’d find it very hard to believe that this is an isolated case.

Could you list what version of Windows and other security software is on your pc so maybe we might be able to see a possible conflict somewhere.



Windows XP SP2 with all updates
3.4GHz P4 with HyperThreading
No other security software running real-time.

This was an attempt to upgrade from 2.4.


Still waiting for support.

Attached related crashlogs after once again attempting to upgrade to

[attachment deleted by admin]

Due to lack of support here (almost one week already) since submitting this help request, I am mirroring this topic where it was originally posted as this was not a bug report.

Hello Tarun

I’m sorry you have not had an answer before now on your question. We have been quite busy here and it is easy to overlook a post for quite a while before we get to it. Can you look over the posts at this link and see if any of them help you.


It does look very similar, and I’ve made a post there as well.

The crashlogs attached above are very fresh. When I analyzed the Windows minidump it simply said the problem is in cpf.exe.

Still waiting for support on this issue.

Well it seems that it’s like a isolated case indeed :(. So you just said you wanted only the firewall? Installed it and defence+ is there to, right…


Well try to disable the defence+ forever, then you will be running only the firewall. As i haven’t seen this problem posted before, I can’t give you direct help.

You could try this and wait till this is resolved.


I tried that on the computer it installed on and Defense+ was still running after the reboot…

I also find it hard to believe it’s an isolated case when I see numerous people complaining about the no tray icon issue.