problema firewall

good morning
I have a problem, seven 64-bit operating system

I share a folder on the network
as I watch the network folder contents

comfortable ignores the intrusion

sorry for my English,

I read on another forum that the problem is related to my ADSL provider, Fastweb.
Fastweb fact use a modem with a gateway named Jungo

other firewalls can intercept connections between my PC, but not comodo, you can not solve this problem?

it may serve, the modem used by Fastweb is the pirelli


Using an automated translator can be funny sometimes. Comodo always gets translated as comfortable; that confused me at first…

You say you share a folder on the network. To do so you must have adapted firewall rules for this. In that case Comodo will not log it. It will only log when it blocks or asks, not when it allows.

I use the comodo :wink: wearing for a long time, I’m not a novice user.
I also blocked all incoming traffic, but I can also go to the folder condivisa.Mentre if I use other firewalls can block the request.
might be a bug, tell me if you need some information to solve the problem

Can you put the language of the CIS user interface to English and then show screenshots of Global Rules and Application Rules (under Application Rules I want to see the rule for System and explorer.exe).

now I’m at home, as soon as I can, do as you wish.

I can ask a question?

with these rules in network,
I should not enter the folder on the network right?

Hello :slight_smile:

This is the network configuration

Do I understand correctly that you want to let CIS block access to other computers on your local network?

yes,I just do not work

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You need to add a block rule to System for outgoing traffic to your local network. That should do the trick.

Let us know if that worked.

Merry Christmas to you too.

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I log in the shared folder
network resources from the PC is hidden, but I can get from a desktop shortcut

What do you mean with “but I can get from a desktop shortcut”? What application do you start? Is it started from your computer?