Problem Workgroup devices in Windows 10


I installed CIS v10.2.0.6526 on my Windows 10 (1511) machine, and have a problem seeing/connecting all network-devices (NASes, Computers, …) configured in the same Workgroup (within the same IP-range) when Comodo Firewall is enabled.

As soon Comodo Firewall is disabled, they become visible in Windows10. But then the Windows10 reconnecting problem is applicable.

And yes, I have the IP-range / specified as Home Zone Name

I’m using the same CIS version on WinXP-machines in the same environment : no problem. Never.

What might be going on ?


Make sure the windows firewall is turned off for all 3 profiles. Use the manage network task and click trust then OK. Enable logging for each block rule set in the global rules section and check the firewall logs for any blocked events if you still can’t access/see other devices on the network.