Im facing problems with my Yahoo Messenger on my Vista Buisness 32 after installing v3 and my Spybot Search & Destroy seems to be going frantic after the installation. Hope to get some favourable answers as I dont even trust my OEM McAfee Security Suite!

Thanks for taking the time to look into my problems!

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We’ll need more information to help you.



You should look at the Event logs: View Firewall Events & View Defense+ Events. The firewall events will identify programs that it is blocking and the details of the connection attempt. You should not just “Define a New Trusted Application” (Firewall) for Yahoo Messenger. Details for what to do: Note the connection attempt details (Protocol, IP address of source and destination and program trying to connect). Then click: Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy. On this page, locate the entry for the program that is being blocked (assuming that you know it is safe). If it is not there, Click Add and browse to locate the program’s file. With the application selected, click Edit. Then on the dialog window, click Add (buttons near bottom). Define a rule that allows connections Out for the protocol IP,Source Any, Destination Any, IP details Any and click Apply. Then define a rule for IP in, The Source is the IP noted above in the Event log. Destination is your computer (if you have a LAN, use the IP revealed by typing ipconfig /all at a DOS prompt {Click Start>Run>and type cmd amd press enter} eg. if the ipconfig result shows {also should be the source or destination for the connection attempts in the Event logs} with a subnet mask of, use a port range of to ; if you have a single computer, use the MAC that ipconfig reports {you will have ***'s where the Machine IP and Subnet mask returns would be}).
Finally Click Add and click Block; IP; in/out; (check the Log box) and use Any for all the other options. This rule prevents other unsafe connections - it should be last on the list of rules or it will override any rules that follow it. Finally click Apply on the rule editing screen and all the parent screens that show an Apply button.