Problem with Wireless Disconnection and Downloading flv files

Hallo, this is my first post. I am not particularly computer literate, and have no technical knowledge beyond the most superficial. I hope I have supplied all the info that you need below:

I am using Comodo Firewall Version 2.4, and connect to the internet via an Unsecured Wireless LAN. My operating system is Windows XP Pro 2002, with Service Pack 2. I log in as the sole Administrator.
I am also running Avast Anti-Virus v.4.7, and Comodo BOClean 4.25.

I used to have Norton Internet Protection 2005 (I think) but had completely uninstalled it before installing Comodo. I also uninstalled the Windows Firewall before installing Comodo. At least I think (am pretty sure) that I did, though I may have uninstalled it afterwards, using instructions from:

Typically I will be running MS Word 97 and Internet Explorer 7 when these problems occur. Though I might also be using Excel and Powerpoint and Skype.

The only Custom rules I am aware of enacting were to Scan for known applications and to say Allow, whenever Explorer, Avast, Comodo itself, and Skype have requested access and to tick to remember my answer.

I am having two problems currently. Could these be connected to the Firewall?

  1. My computer keeps disconnecting, (approx every ten – fifteen mins) from the internet, so that I have to keep the Wireless Connection Window continually open and click Connect manually each time it disconnects. This does not happen at work where I connect on a university wireless system without problem and with continual uninterrupted connection (or at least it connected for about 45 mins earlier this week when I tried it and concluded that all was well). My girlfriend’s computer (which does not have Comodo installed was disconnecting randomly earlier in the week, but now seems to be having no problems staying connected.)
  2. I have been trying to use to download flv files from youtube. However, I keep getting error reports. There does seem to be some connection with the firewall as I have observed a relationship between it logging high severity events after I have tried to download files via javimoya, though this relationship is not absolute, ie. each attempted file download does not correspond with a high severity threat, so it could just be a coincidence. I have just tried twice and there has been no change, so? I don’t know…

Can anybody out there help? If so, much and kindly thanks.


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You may need to define a trusted network; if you open the firewall and go to ‘Security’ then ‘tasks’ you will see the link to ‘define a new trusted network’. Follow the prompts and see if this improves things. Not sure but I think you may have to restart the firewall after defining this network. An extra network rule will appear in your network rules after you have carried out this procedure.

This may also be worth reading:

Incidentally there is a great collection of useful information on CFP here:


Thanks very much for your reply. Know where I should go to learn about setting up a password for my wireless network to make it safer?

Thanks again though, I followed your instructions and will see if they work.


Hi there, the suggestions i’ve received so far really have had no affect whatsoever. any new ideas?