Problem with windows updates with cpf?


I installed windows ultimate 32bit and then cpf v3.0.13 then i couldn’t do any windows updates anymore. reinstalled windows and made the updates there it worked (without installing cpf) .I looked this problem up on the forums but didn’t find anything. I wanted to know if its only me or if sb else experienced that too.



I am able to access Windows Update under Vista Ultimate with no problems. Are you getting any error messages in you firewall log?

No errors in cpf. windows never started downloading.
Tried it 2-3 times installed only windows (without updates) and then cpf didn’t work.
I also tried to check if it was blocked but it wasn’t.
Problem seems to be solved after installing windows and then doing the updates before installing cpf. I can also make new updates without any problems. Only a bit strange ^^ i like computers you never know what will happen next :wink: Could also be me then sry for the fast posting (:SHY)


Sounds like the problem is solved-but I don’t understand why it happened either. Maybe some update to update that CFP expects? ???

well because i am a bit bored tonight i tested a bit more. I have avast home edition installed and there the problem comes back. So i stop the on acces protection and the problem was solved again.
Is there any known compatibility issues between the 2 ?


I am using Avast! also with no problems. Make sure you have the latest version, since there were a few issues in the past. Maybe try isolating it by pausing standard shield, web shield. Could be a setting problem I don’t have? The other thing to do is go to the beta board and get the Comodo 3.0.14 download if you haven’t already, so everything is in synch with the latest fixes.

ok i will try :slight_smile: thank you