Problem with windows updates and CPF [Resolved]


I’ve recently installed Comodo Personal Firewall and so far I’ve been pretty satisfied with it (been using it for about 2 months).

However, I’ve come to notice that I couldn’t download the latest windows updates. When I go to he Windows update page, I just can’t seem to get the latest security updates.

I then tried to turn off CPF and, all of a sudden, I’m able to download windows updates. I’ve tried this more than once and I think I’ve discovered a pattern.

Why does this happen? How can I set CPF to allow windows updates (without having to turn CPF off)?
I’m running Win XP Home SP2.


nms, Greetings!

You already it read the archive Help of as to configure the CPF?
It is necessary to create rules of access for some applications.

nms, make sure you there are no blocked Application Monitor rules for svchost.exe. This an essential Windows process.

I am following with interest this thread,just to make sure everything is setup correctly.
As far as i am aware i don’t have a problem with MS Updates but i can’t find any mention of Svchost .exe anywhere.
Could you be so kind,as to pointing me in the right direction and tell me where it is.
I am running the latest version of Comodo Firewall and my operating system is XP Home SP 2
Thanks and Regards.

Ok, I’ll check for that. I’m at work right now, but once I get home I’ll do that.

I’ll keep you informed about what happens.

Thank you for the replies.

Hi rambo. Svchost.exe is a Windows process that is shared among many common services, and Windows Updates happens to be one of them. If you left the default ‘applications certified by Comodo’ option on (Security > Advanced > Miscellaneous …) then you don’t need to worry about it because it should already be allowed to connect out. I have this option on so I have never been prompted to allow/deny this.

I just get a little concerned when i can’t find something
I see what you talking about and the item is ticked.
All is now revealed.

That was the problem. I found out I had a blocked Application Monitor rule for svchost.exe. I don´t remember creating that rule… I probably did it accidentally. Anyway, I removed the rule and Windows Updates work just fine now.


Excellent :slight_smile: