Problem with Windows Update?

I have never had any problems before but today WU wants to keep installing the same 3 Office 2007 updates over and over again. They are now in the installed list 3 times and it still says they are needed.

Currently downloading/installing windows updates…

Win 7 64
CIS Suite Defaults

Will update the post after install completes…


You are right. 3 updates are repeating…


Yep, same 3 here. Many others are reporting the same issue on MS forums.

I don’t have office so I can’t comment on these updates specifically, however my school laptop had an issue with updates repeating and it was fixed by rebooting then uninstalling the updates then rebooting and then reinstalling the updates and then rebooting again, however that was an issue on my laptop and I didn’t notice anyone else having the issue however it’s worth trying out, but seeing as more people have the same problem it might not work. (I always make back-ups before Windows updates because they have a tendency to sometimes break things 88))

The procedures listed here normally clean up WU errors.

No, nothing fixes it. the updates are messed up. If you don’t have Office 2007 or any components of it, you won’t have the problem. The recommendation is now to uninstall the 3 updates that keep trying to install and then to hide them in Windows Update so they don’t reinstall or prompt you to do it. Microsoft is working on the issue.

Thanks Dch48,

It works I Delete the Updates, then installed a fresh copy. And Rebooted PC. when I got back, I noticed after a good 4 mins later it shows up again. The 3 Updates. So I just pressed Hide and they went. I checked Windows update and all was Successful of installed Updates on those 3 files.

Thanks again



Not surprising, as the quality of released updates from the Windows sustained engineering team (WINSE) has tanked in the last 2 years. The QA team should be sacked and replaced.

Hopefully with a new CEO, changes will be made to turn MSFT around in more ways than just improving the quality of WU releases…

The issue has been fixed. If you reinstall or unhide the updates and they show as needing to be done again, just click on check for updates and when it finishes, it will say “no updates available” and they will be gone