Problem with web pages [RESOLVED]

I’m having problems getting access to to web pages with comodo, If I exit comodo and use windows firewall every thing seems ok, how to I config comodo so I can access web pages I also have problem loading firefox

[Topic Closed: If issue returns PM an online mod to open]

Comodo doesn’t have a web filter. Firefox and Internet Explorer load very quick and browse quick for me. Make sure IE and FF are listed as a web browser under your firewall policy. Also make sure they are listed are custom or trusted under D+. What AV are you using?

hi, I tried to use comodo again I have version 3, but every thing is turned off I clicked on summary and application monitor is off
component monitor off
network monitor off
application behavior analysis off. how do I turn them on again/ I don’t know how they got turned off I didn’t turn them off

all working fine now thanks for your help