Problem with VPN


I spent and wasted my whole day trying to make comodo firewall work with my vpn.
I added a new network named VPN, in addition to the local area network.

So when my VPN is down, internet goes through the local area network. When it’s up, through the VPN.

I can’t set up a rule for a program to be authorized when the VPN is up, and denied when down. Firewall acts as it the VPN didn’t exist.

For example, i have a rule that blocks IP IN when destination address is in Network zone = Local area network, and same thing for out, tcp, udp, etc…
When i use the program without VPN on, i keep getting a popup window asking what i want to do, deny or allow, while i already added a rule to deal with it. My rule is deny. I shouldn’t get the popup, i don’t get it.

Same thing, if i use the program with VPN on, i get the popup until is choose allow of deny, which creates a new rule stating deny or allow for everything. It just doesn’t accept my rule allowing IP/UDP/TCP if internet goes though VPN.

I tried the turorial i found on comodo site, but no success. If anybody can help, I’d be grateful. Or if anybody knows a simplier firewall, please let me know.