Problem with video


I have problem with video on some websites.

See screen - This browser does not support video playback.

What can i do?

This problem is more than 1 year old and still waiting for a fix!

Please read this thread : “This browser does not support video playback.”

If you have IceDragon installed, you can run those videos because IceDragon uses systemwide codecs. (if I am not worng)

Thanks for info…

But still no fix for this? hmmmm…

Yes, they promised again to fix it… Lets see how much we will wait (1 day, 3 weeks, 3 months, more :-\ I do not know

Will hope that fix for this problem coming soon.

If I may be le smartass >:-D, the other “Comodo Hero” on the main forum quoted Shane saying end of last month that this would be fixed in version 52 with the DRM work around that FireFox has. As you can see, that hasnt happened unless Im missing something. Now if you dont mind switching to IceDragon, the FireFox version, go head but Imma stick my foot in the ground on this issue. Especially after my ■■■■■■ customer service experience. to which they replyed to the ticket with “We’ll let the dev know.” :-TD if there was a “ppppffffffttttt… yeah right” emoji it would be here.