Problem with v3 in Virtualbox

For some time now I’ve been running XP in Virtualbox (on an Ubuntu system) and I’ve used v2.4 of the comodo firewall without problems. However, when I upgraded to v3 the firewall doesn’t seem to start properly and blocks all internet access. I get no warning messages and the interface refuses to open, so I can’t manually change any settings. My cpu usage also soars to 100%. I can uninstall the firewall and reinstall the old version and everything is OK again. I’m also running v3 on a laptop that’s natively running XP without issues, and for information both systems also run AVG free. Any ideas?

Hello Steve,
I run Comodo V3 under VirtualBox 1.50 since the 3.0.13 release without any problems.
My virtual machine run on a native Windows XP-SP2 PC where I simulate a LAN.
The virtual machine does not run any other security software.
The native PC runs under McAfee Enterprise V7.0.0
I hope this may help you for using comodo v3