Problem with V3 Firewall Pro for Vista 32 bit

Several days ago I downloaded the new Firewal Pro on my Vista 32 bit. Shortly after the pre install scanner found a trojln (I knew it was there but could never get it!) my system restarted. The program had never installed completely. It just disappeared. Then my internet connection was changed to limited. So, I could not go online to
get any help. Finally, after doing several windows repairs using the F8 key on startup & Sys restore to a point just before I downloaded & installed (?) the program my internet connection went back to normal. I really like Comodo; & would like to use it. But, I am terrified that I will lose my internet again. The DHCP was unfixable until I did a lot of things. I had an X between my ntelos connection & the internet that I could not change to allow Network discovery. I never got to even see the firewall console, much less change any settings.
Please help!