Problem with upgrading to CD V 9

Hey, I have joined these forums to post an issue that I have been having for a very long time with CD…

I have been using CD for a long while now and am an avid online gamer so security and speed are important criterias for me when using a browser. I also participate extensively on a few forums… I say all of this to give a short background to my browsing needs.

I am currently using CD Version (on a Win7 system) and the reason for this is because every version I have sought to upgrade to, I have had issues with the sites / pages/ applications that I normally go to on the upgraded version. In particular a Vbulletin Forum ( has the most issues. With any upgraded version, CD becomes unstable i.e pages do not load properly or at all… I am constantly having to refresh the page or close a tab because it has frozen. And if I dare post in that forum the page WILL NOT automatically reload once the post has been submitted. I have to do a manual reload of the page. Version is the only version that works reliably with all my sites and on that forum ~ but it is now so out of date that I am unable to add extensions to it such as adblock which is something I want to have. Can anyone advise me as to why all upgrades are behaving in this way and what I can do to recreate the user experience I have with on the upgraded versions.

I should add that I have installed > uninstalled > and re-installed the last two CD upgrades a number of times and always have the same issues.