Problem with updating because DNS protocols?

I would be thankfull for anyone who can resolve my issue about updating CIS. Recently, I ve upgraded an old version( 3.13) of CIS to a newer version (3.8). During installation, I was asked to decide which protocol I want to use for future updates. Ive chosen an option over DNS protocols, after that new message appeared on my screen about changing default DNS values to new ones.
Now I have problem to update my new installed version of CIS. What should I do ? It is not possible to update it, therefore, updates starts, but when it comes to about 5% it cancels and messages me about : , internet connection lost on halfway during update, please verify your internet connection``. Please help me?
Other programs which working depends of internet connection are working properly.
Thanks for your future answers.

Given here is my advice for upgrading to V4.1:;msg408576#msg408576
I hope it’s useful for you.