Problem with updates

Hello gentlemen…
I’m having a little problem with the updates. I have CIS to update malware definitions every 2 hours. On September 30, around 10pm, the last update version that I add was from Sept 29. This, according to the comodo anti-malware definitions website was the last version, so no problem here. Yesterday I didn’t connect my pc to the internet.
I connected my pc to the internet today about 15min ago and checked for updates. Everything went fine, but when I compared CIS latest definition and the official Comodo Anti-Malware definitions website, the version on the website is different.

I have version 19683 and on the website the version is 19685.

Of course, when you read my post, the version may be different. I just put the website for reference.

Ok, just updated again and it updated to the latest version. But according to the website:

Latest Database Version:
Release Date (all times GMT):
2-Oct-2014 10:59:52
Number of Definitions Added Today:
Total Definitions:

This version was released at 10:59 am. At 1:40pm my CIS 7 (the latest one) didn’t detect it. It only detected it about 2 minutes ago, 3 hours after the release date hour.

Should I be worried? Do I need to reinstall CIS? Can CIS update be messed up by malware to download fake antivirus definitions?
I think my pc is clean, so I don’t understand the 3 hour delay in updating.

Comodo has global servers, so it’s possible that the update didn’t get to your geographical area’s server until later on. So this is nothing to worry about. :slight_smile: