problem with updater "copying cfp.exe..."


CIS updater is popup latety, and ask me to update the CIS.
i do so…and let it update but it always stuck in: copying cfp.exe
and in tasks manager the updater is on 25% cpu usage…and nothing happend.
no error. i even try in safe mode.

i dont want to uninstall CIS. i dont want to loose all my settings.

CIS 5.3.17
windows 7 32 bit


i would try a fresh install of cis
first export your configuration (which is all your settings)
to do this go to more - manage my configurations
and export the active configuration since this is the one you are using
after you run the uninstaller run the clean up tool here
after you have done that reinstall cis. here is a link for the latest release
then import your configuration to get your settings back. its in the same place as where you exported your configuration
hope this helped


thank you.

export only the active configuration? why? i have 3 subject there


the active one is the one with all your settings in it. you can export the others one if you want but they probably are just the default ones unless you changed some settings when you were in one of those configurations. so let me explain how they work. if your in internet security config and you change lets say the firewall rules and av scanner settings they are saved in the internet security config. so if you switch to proactive config then all the settings you changed will go back to default. so the config that is active most likely has all your settings that you want saved

does all that make sense?