problem with uninstalling

i am having a problem uninstalling comodo internet security 4.1.15. i know exactly what can fix it but the only problem is that i CANNOT do it myself. i have CIS 4.1.15 installed, working fine, but i accidently deleted the file cis_setup.msi from c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\comodo downloder, and now when i use the add remove utility to uninstall the program it says the package is missing and i cannot find the msi package anywhere for 4.1.15 on the internet… (4.1.15 is the current version as of september 2010). not even reinstalling with the exe installer helps, it tells me to uninstall the previous version even though they are exactly the same. SO
here is what i need of u guys. anyone who has the latest version of comodo internet security installed. go to c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\comodo downloder\ and send me the cis_setup.msi file via email or any other method you prefer. email id asadthegreat91[at]
if u r using windows 7 the path should be something like this c:\users\all users\appdata\comodo downloder
dont copy paste the path please try to find it as i may have made a spelling mistake.
if u cannot send the 41.6MB file in one go try splitting it with a compression utility like winrar and do it. please im stuck
thank you

if you have installed just the antivirus or just the firewall of the current version you MSI file may be named accordingly, but still if you have a 41.6MB msi file, its useful to me

We know about this problem and it has been fixed it in the newer versions.
To uninstall CIS 4.1 please do the following:

  1. Go to your TEMP directory. The fastest way to do this is to write the following command in the cmd.exe:
    explorer %temp% (+ press enter).
    Alternatively you can write %temp% in the Windows explorer’s address bar.
  2. Extract attached files into the %temp% directory
  3. Try to uninstall CIS 4 again

This should help. If not, I will send you an MSI package, but you’ll have to let me know the version of your CIS including the build number (i.e. all the digits) - you can see the full version in the Properties of any file belonging to CIS installed on your PC (the full version, for example, should look like this: 4.1.150703.922)

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hey man thanks for ur reply, unfortunately i cannot test ur attached files as a friend of mine already helped me out with the MSI package and the uninstall was successful.
i really appreciate ur help :slight_smile: