Problem with uninstalling process of CIS program

Hello, guys.

Please, I’m from Brazil and i’d like a help from you.

I have a problem to uninstall the Comodo Internet Security from my computer. When use the native uninstaller of the program,
a window appears saying “Could not acces a network location :.” with two option: “Repeat” and "Cancel. When I try "Repeat"the same window appears.
When i try cancel, another window appear saying the same thing with one option: “Ok”. So, I try it and the uninstalling process unsucessfully terminate.

What can I do? I need to do this process to install the updated version. I tried to use the microsoft fix for 1606 error without solution.

I expect answer,

Friend, good night. Well as I understand there is some erro or some corrupt file. I advise you to download the installer again (Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security) and use the “Repair” option of installer, after that, try to uninstall again. I await response, Hug.

Amigo, boa noite. Bom pelo que percebi existe algum erro ou algum arquivo corrompido. Aconselho você a baixar o instalador do CIS novamente (Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security) e usar a opção “Reparar” do instalador, após isso, tentar desinstalar novamente. Aguardo reposta, Abraço.

Hello, Felipe Oliveira. Thanks for answering my question.

I downloaded the application recommended by you. When I run it, I didn’t find the option “repair”. But even so, I tried to continue the installation thinking that the program would be replaced by the uncorrupted version. Unfortunately, a window appeared saying that the installation could not be completed because I needed uninstall the version that is currently installed on my computer. Will have another alternative?

Olá, Felipe Oliveira. Obrigado por responder minha dúvida.

Eu fiz o download do aplicativo recomendado por você. Ao executá-lo, não encontrei a opção “reparar”. Mas, mesmo assim, tentei prosseguir com a instalação pensando que o programa iria ser substituído pela versão não corrompida. Infelizmente, apareceu uma janela dizendo que a instalação não podia ser concluída pois eu precisava desinstalar a versão que atualmente está instalada no meu computador. Será que tenho outra alternativa?

Hi and welcome ivff50,
See if the advice in the link below can help.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Kind regards.