Problem with uninstalling CTM

I planed to uninstall the old ver. of CTM & install the new ver.
After running the uninstaller I picked to stay with the current system, after reboot it started to uninstall CTM then it started to updating data that took 3.5 hours, during this process I got many times message " memory buffer overflow …" in 100% it keeped giving me this message so I had to power off the computer.
When I stared the computer I understood that some files are damaged, in the Event viewer/system there was error during starting windows that it couldn’t run CTM service, in services I found CTM on automatic.

Is it normal uninstalling CTM should take so long?
How can I know what other leftover are still there & how to delete them?

I have no idea how many files are damaged.
Windows XP SP3 500GB HD 4GB memory

The uninstall time depends how far is your baseline from today and, maybe, the number of intermediate snapshots. 3.5 is too much in my opinion, but depends also of the hardware of your computer.
Sorry of not being of further help. Hope the programmers jump here.

Edited as herbzhang corrected my info.

3.5h is possible if you wrote lots of data after installing CTM.
You can manully remove the “COMODO\Time Machine” program folder.

The “buffer overflow” issue is fixed in latest 178 release.


I tried uninstalling an older version of CTM and it keeps telling me to uninstall form the sub-console. How do I go about that? The other issue I’m having is that application will not come up…the GUI will not come up. How do I fix. I want to install the newer version. Thanks…

Pressing the HOME key while booting will open the subconsole (from where you could uninstall).
Is this a multi OS computer?

No…this is not a multi OS computer…I’m running Windows7 Professional…

Did you press HOME while booting? Did it work?