Problem with UDP ports

I’ve been having a problem with Ventrilo which, in my case, is client software that allows you to connect to a Ventrilo server in order to be able to talk with others in realtime. I use it to game with and have been told by people on the Vent forums that it needs both TCP and UDP on 3784 as well as 6100 UDP. I don’t know how to tell Comodo to give a program UDP access. I’ve been reading up on UDP lately and found that it’s just a part of the Transfer Layer within the Internet Protocol Suite just as TCP/IP is. Would not giving a port access give it access on all parts of the layer? Or do I have to specifically give it UDP access? I’ve added 3784 and 6100 to a list within Comodo titled ‘Priveleged Ports’ and I see that Ventrilo is given ‘Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any’ within Firewall Tasks - Advanced - Network Security Policy - Application Rules. Do I need to add ‘Allow IP In…’? Is there anything else I need to do?

Wanted to give this thread a bump since it’s been all day with no replies. I found a tab labeled TCP/IP Filtering deep within my Local Area Connection Properties which will allow me to add ports to UDP; however since in all likelihood World of Warcraft also uses UDP ports (and who knows how many other programs), I did not want to limit this list to the Vent port(s) I use. By default the ‘Allow All’ button was selected for UDP as well as for TCP and another option which I forget. Someone over on the Vent forums who is having similar problems posted that he had to create a rule within his firewall specifically to ‘open up UDP port xxxx’; that prior to his doing that it was just TCP and that after having done that he could connect to Vent servers. Would someone please tell me how to do this in Comodo?

There is more than one way to do this (as I am sure Kyle will be the first to let you know of his preferred method - no disrespect, Kyle).
What I have done on my system is run the program. When the balloon pops up telling me an application is trying to access the ports, (what do I wish to do?) if it is a program I fully trust, I select from the dropdown ‘Trusted Application’. The firewall will allow the program whatever ports it needs (both TCP/IP and UDP) to communicate.
I should also make note I am behind a router with its own firewall (which I have manually configured to allow only this application on this port(s), all others rejected/blocked).
Does this help you any?

Thanks for reply; but no, it doesn’t help since Vent is already one of my trusted apps for Comodo. I’m not behind a router. Btw, how can I see a list of my trusted apps within the firewall?

Just giving this a bump in the hopes that someone here can help…

Hi buddy,

You can view what rules you have for each application in Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy/application rules

Check to see if Ventrilo has the policy “Trusted Application” which should have the rule Allow all incoming and outgoing requests.
If it hasnt highlight Ventrilo then click on "Edit"/Check the box "Use a pre-defined policy" and from the drop down choose "Trusted application"/ APPLY to close all windows If this doesnt help after running Ventrilo have a look at Firewall/View firewall events to see what is being blocked


Ok, it wasn’t set as ‘Trusted App’, so followed your steps and made it so. Nothing appears to have changed. Vent still sits there with the same message displayed. I looked at the firewall events and there was nothing to display for today or this week. ‘This Month’ and ‘All the Times’ had some things on the list, but none of them were Vent.

If you are 100% certain it needs a incoming rule this has to be included in the Global Rules as incoming has to pass the Global rules first unless there is a outgoing connection already in place.
EDIT You should not have to do outgoing rules really this could possible cause a security risk, you could try first delete all your network rules for the app and then place Network Defence in Training Mode then run your application do not forget to return your Network Settings back to were you had them afterwards.

Well, I most certainly do not want to create a security risk and I’ve been posting over on the Vent forums. Apparently this is a fairly widespread problem occurring in both XP and Vista with one of the suggested solutions being to uninstall your firewall or A/V progs. That ain’t gonna happen either. Guess it’s a Vent problem and not a Comodo one, so will wait for Vent admins to reply. Thanks for everyone’s help.