Problem With Tray Icon Tooltip [Resolved]

I just installed CFP version, and it seems to be working fine, but whenever I hover over the tray icon I get a tooltip stating that ‘COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialized…’. Is this a known issue? Can I assume that CFP is in fact initialized and doing its job?

I’ve only had this problem once after an update and a reboot fixed it. Even though it was being initialized all protection was on.

Here are some forum links with posts on this topic.,6829.0.html,2397.0.html,6252.0.html

Thanks for pointing me at those other posts – I’m obviously not the only one to experience this problem. I haven’t read them over exhaustively yet, but what I have read leaves me feeling fairly certain there is a bug, and not so sure that it is strictly cosmetic. For me the problem is not as intermittent as many others have reported; I have rebooted a number of times now since installing CFP and the tooltip for the try icon always reads ‘COMODO Firewall Pro is being initialized…’. For what it is worth I am running XP Pro SP2, fully patched and up-to-date. While all protection does seem to be on, and working, that message doesn’t exactly leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.


Here’s one to check out,7055.0.html; your point of interest will be my reply in there. That’s how you can verify that it’s working.

The “initializing” issue relates to the GUI, and load order, not to the actual core engine of the firewall. Worst case scenario, you wouldn’t be able to change settings thru the GUI.

You might also want to try a startup manager (Startup CPL, StartRight, Starter, StartUp, etc), so that you can change the load order that occurs at Windows login (the actual core of the firewall runs when the computer boots), to see if that stops the message you’re getting.

It has been noted that version 3 (due for public testing soon; currently scheduled for mid-April) will have a fix for this cosmetic bug.


Thanks for the response! I dug around in my startup items and got rid of a few that weren’t absolutely necessary (Roxio DirectCD, nVidia nView, Adobe Acrobat QuickLaunch), and after restarting the tooltip read '…All systems are up and running" and has ever since. Much better.

This may be a coincidence, but for the few days after installing CFP while I was having the tooltip problem, when I would attempt to use my computer in the morning (after leaving it up overnight) I found it unresponsive: couldn’t do anything, not even bring up task manager or process explorer to see if some process had run amok. Ctrl-Alt-Del and attempt to restart resulted in a message that CFP was not responding, and did I want to kill it, but after answering yes the computer locked solid, never did restart, and I had to power off and on again. This happened at least three days in a row, but since ‘fixing’ the tooltip problem it hasn’t happened again. Well, food for thought anyway. I’m a much happier camper now.

Thanks again!

Glad that helped, smckinney1, and that it’s working better for you.

Interesting about the computer lockup; I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention that in relation to the “initializing” tooltip. I will keep that in the back of my mind (for as long as there’s room in there…).

I’ll go ahead and mark this topic as Resolved for other users’ benefit; if the problem recurs and/or you need further assistance with it, just PM me or one of the other Mods and we’ll be glad to reopen it.