Problem with thumbnail images on a site. [RESOLVED]

I usually check out the wallpapers at
Not been there for a while but visited the site this week but none of the thumbnails were visible. Tried different browsers but I have had no luck with seeing any of the thumbnails in any browser be it Opera, FF or IE.
So today I decided to investigate why.

The site loads fine but no thumbnails to be seen at all, unless I disable the firewall. Very Odd.

All my browsers are set as Web browsers in my rules so I am at a loss as to what in the firewall is causing the images to be blocked.

If you check out the site the thumbnail images may appear for you the first time. I did a fresh install of Opera a couple of days ago trying to troubleshoot this and the images did load, but on later visits (or just a page refresh) they no longer show.

So the question is, what in my firewall settings is preventing these images from showing. ?

Your site is using an unusual http setup on port 81 to get the thumbnails. Go to firewall tasks/common tasks/my port sets/http ports and add port 81 to the list. :slight_smile:

Blimey! that was quick. It works too, genius.

Great; we’ll mark this thread resolved then. PM any mod if you want it reopened, or open a new thread if you have other questions. :slight_smile: