Problem with the firewall

Hey all. I have 2 problems with this firewall. First one is that it will not remember my decisions on either allowing or blocking programs via the pop up windows. I check the box to tell it to remember my choice and then accept the connection. but the very next time it will ask me again. It is a pain sometimes.
The other problem is that I am getting an error msg that pops up randomly concerning CPF saying it cant read from some memory address. It will always give the error when closeing the launchpad. This is not a isolated problem nor a problem with my RAM because I installed CPF on a friend’s pc and it does the same thing.
Now we are both running pretty much the same config as far as security software. Here is what we have incase there is a conflict,

Norton antivirus 2006
Spyware Doctor
and of course, Comodo Personal Firewall.

And yes, the Windows firewall is turned off.

Any ideas?


Re. the pop-ups, you need to look very closely at the pop-ups, as CPF examines each application, component or data packet in great detail. Just because “pop-up 1” referred to Internet Explorer and “pop-up 2” also referred to Internet Explorer does not mean that CPF didn’t remember your response to pop-up 1. Pop-up two may have been caused by a different parent application, a different signature for the application, a different component call - the list goes on.

This is not to say that CPF has never forgotten a response - it has. but these cases are very rare. The condition you have described is almost always caused by the two pop-ups have a slight but important difference.

Please double and triple check the exact wording of the pop-ups, including and additional information under the “Show libraries” button.

Hope this helps,
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About CPF forgetting your selection, I don’t think it has forgotten. It is just that different components or parent application of the program that is making the call to connect to the Internet. CPF monitors these components and you can view them in the ‘Component Monitor’ tab. You will see that there is a very long list of components and a few of the will relate to the same application, say Internet Explorer.

Like what Ewen said, take a note at the exact phrase of the pop-ups. You will notice that no 2 pop-ups will have the same phrase word-by-word.

Regarding your second problem, I don’t have the answer to it. You will have to wait for a Comodo Admin to come along to solve your problem. Alternatively, you may want to send an e-mail to them, explaining your problem.

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Bandirman: Welcome and apologies for the issues you’re having. I’ve forwarded your post to one of our developers, and he’ll be able to help. In the mean time, can you clarify what version of CPF you’re using, pls?

No, I do not think it is remembering my decisions because every time I start my pc and get online, CPF pops up and tells me the the Symantec user session is trying to connect to the net and I ALWAYS have to click remember my decision and accept. The pop up says the same thing every time as well with other programs. I wrote down the error msg that keeps poping up. It is not a CPF pop up but rather a windows error pop up box. It says:

Titled: CPFUPDAT.EXE - Application Error

The instruction at “0x7c80d189” (<— always the same) referenced memory at “0x78148e2a” (<— Will change every time). The memory could not be “read”.

Click ok to terminate the program.

I am running version

I click ok but CPF doesn’t terminate but will run as normal.

Bandirman: Can you try the latest beta, pls. I believe it may have addressed this issue.

Paulo, I will install the new beta. But first I need to address another issue I have with this firewall and maybe they can work to fix it also.

My friend has dsl with a wired desktop pc (comodo installed) with network printer. He also has a laptop that connects to his home network and uses the networked printer. Now I opened up ALL file and printer shareing ports, made a rule to allow the laptop’s host name, Made a rule to allow the laptop’s lan IP # and Comodo still would not give access to the printer. I messed with it for 2 hours and could not get it to work. I finally diabled the Network Monitoring part of Comodo and then it would let me print from laptop. Any ideas on that one?

Also, is there anyway to export all the settings, allowed and blocked programs list to the new beta? Or am I going to go through pop up hell again…lol?

Ther easiest way to allow file and print sharing is to 1) define a zone and 2) set that zone as trusted. Doing these two steps will automatically create the rules that will allow LAN traffic to and through ports 138, 139 etc.

EWen :slight_smile:

Bandirman: Ewen, as usual, is correct. This is normally the easiest way to configure file/print sharing.

Concerning your other question, you can export the registry settings to the new beta by using regedit and saving and restoring the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall . This will be done automatically by the GA version.

As with anything having to do with the registry, do so at your own risk. Resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and coincidental. Dry clean only. Do not bend, fold, staple or mutilate. Your mileage may vary. For a limited time only while supplies last. Offer void where prohibited. Do not remove this tag under penalty of law. Parental advisory: explicit lyrics. Keep away from pets and small children. Some assembly required. Batteries not included. No animals were used to test this disclaimer. Etcetera, etcetera.

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Paulo, I did not know you also have a good sense of humour. :slight_smile:

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Well I installed the new beta. And I’m sorry but I will have to agree with alot of other people and say that this product was released to the public WAY too early. After I installed the new beta, my computer would no longer boot. During the installation I got 3 errors similar to the one I mentioned above accept the title was diff. each time. And yes I uninstalled the old one first. I had to finally boot into safe mode and uninstall CPF and then reboot normaly only to find out that it did something to the ICS/Windows Firewall service. I could not access that service for nothing. I finally found a reg key online to replace the corrupt one before I could at least turn on Windows Firewall. I also just spent 3 hours of ACCESS DENIED attempts of uninstalling CPF from my friend’s pc and fixing the mess it made there. I think I am going to wait a long while before attempting to install CPF again. Maybe by then the code will be more developed and stable. But for now, I’m going back to ZA. Thanks for your time.

Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you will pop by to check out CPF in 6 months time. I am pretty sure (I hope I’m right) that CPF would be a much better program then. AS for me, I don’t get any problems with CPF at all. Smooth sailing.

Yours truly,

You left off “Errors and emissions excepted …”
No, it’s not a typo!

Yes, I will drop back by to check it out in a few months. I have the forum site bookmarked so I can drop in and read up on the changes every now and then. CPF looks and has the potential to be a top notch firewall that will exceed ZA’s protections. I WILL be returning to retry CPF at a later date. It seems to be about 50/50% split on people having probs and people having no probs with it. Maybe it conflicts with another security app on my system that you guys are not aware of. I use Norton Antivirus 2006 for Antivirus and partial spyware removal, Spycatcher Express for 98% spyware and 2% virus removal. You might check this app out. It does a ■■■■ good job and even detects, blocks and removes rootkits. But the interface is diff than the others and takes some getting used to. I also use Spyware Doctor which is said to be top o the line spyware app but Spycatcher blows it away in most areas. Anyway, I didn’t mean to sound like I was downing CPF or it’s creators in my last post. You guys have a good thing going and I can’t wait to try out later versions of it.

A few months ago when I was using NAV2006 and sygate personal firewall I was getting the same memory errors untill I found out that NAV’s worm blocker was a “half way” firewall. Once I turned that off the memory errors went away.

Hello all

I’ve posteds a long one in the forums, so to avoid repeating everything here I’ll just post a link:,5779.0.html.

I also have trouble with the updater crashing and there doesn’t seem to be any solutions to be found either in the forums or this support site. Unless I need new glasses…? Will the most knowledgeable optician please direct me to a solution?

Many thanks in advance.


Oh, silly me! This IS in the forum… The URL was different just now, I promise. Maybe I DO need new glasses!?