Problem with the firewall. I'm wery angry

I downlaoded and installed the comodo firewall. I reeboot computer. I get a error message:
fwconfig.exe could not be located. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem.
I get same message when i try to uppdate license. My application Monitor is off, same with component monitor and application behaviour analysis. I have reinstalled the product several times. I have also downloaded the setup.exe several times from your website.

how is anyone supposed to help you with that ?
it would help if you gave some info like :
OS version
Previous firewall brand
Anti-Virus brand and if it was running or not when you installed.
or you could use the “search” function on this board , maybe someone has posted the answer …

I searched, didin’t find eny answers.
Os: Win XP(Home Edition Fin) SP2
Previous Firewall (and antivirus): BitDefender internet security v10
Antivirus: AVG Free Edition
and it was not running when i installed Comodo Firewall

This is weird. Can you please try to describe the setup process? What do you see when you run the setup.exe?

Egemen it looks like an ntfs problem too me. A scan disk (error checking) of the partition will help.
And then a new installation of CFP

  • in case you have any third party personal firewall installed, please un-isntall that before installing
  • comodo firewall bla bla bla. I press “Kyllä” (translated: Yes)
  • Some welcome to comodo firewall installer bla bla bla , Next
  • Yes i have read the license thingy…, Yes
  • Automatic configuation, next
  • Then some files is installed (i don’t know what files, that bar goes really fast, like whole installing process took 1,5 seconds)
    Restart the computer and Finnish

Thats the closest i can describe setup process!

ntfs problem? A scan disk?
sorry my noobinity
and try to undrestand my english, its not the best!

hehe :smiley:
Don’t worry. Select C: and with right button of the mouse select proprerties.

Check the images. :wink:

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Can you try this,5326.msg39350.html#msg39350 manual uninstall?

i try

i unsitalledit manually and then installed it. [shadow=red,left]The same problem continues![/shadow] :cry:

What is the language of your windows?
What other programs do you have installed?

all, i’m not sure
My Windows langue is Finnish.
I have installed alot of programs, games etc…
Java, flash, shockwave player, quicktime,gmail notifier, Soundman, foobar 2000, winamp, warrock, my printer, Limewire pro, Nero, spywareblaster, Windows live messenger, bluevoda, gifcon, Nokia PC suite, Winsock fix, AnyDVD, Camedia Master, UTorrent, Corel Paint SHop Pro X , Alien skin, KPT 6, skype, Audacity, Tuneup utillities 2006, Microsoftworks, Microsoft office 2003, Ad- Aware, Abdoe reader 7, European dictionary, Mozilla Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, Spybot search&destroy, Fix blast, War, Teamspeak 2, XFire, AVG free,comodo firewall, Nokia 40 studio theme maker, Outlook express. Tehere can be more than those programs.
Then i have 18 GIG music and 1 GIG photos.
I think its all