Problem with the Comodo firewall when playing Unreal 3


I have a brother which have a problem with his Comodo firewall. The problem arises when he plays Unreal 3. What happens is that he can’t play the game when the Comodo firewall has active protection.

So at the present he is always forced to deactivate protection in the firewall in order to play the game.

Is it possible for him to have active protection when he’s playing the game? And how should the firewall be configured for this to work?

Check:: Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy.

Then scroll down to “Unreal 3” and tell us the rules for this program, check if it blocks something.
Also Are you running a recent version of comodo firewall? I heard that CFP v2.xx had some trouble with blocking stuff.

I also have the same issue and its getting pretty annoying. Even if I set Comodo to “trust” ut3 I still fail to join or host any game.

I googled a bit to no avail and the closest I got to a clue was this text posted on the Epic forums by an admin:

Q: What do I have to configure when I get the NAT warning? A: Our NAT (network address traversal) checking code looks to see if an external game client can do two things. First, it checks to see if the router allows for unsolicited connections from unknown clients. It does this by seeing if the external game client can connect to a port that the internal game server has not sent data to the external game client on. If this fails, then your router needs to allow for unsolicited packets. Secondly, the game checks to see that the port that is externally exposed is the same as the port the game thinks it is sending/receiving on. Some routers remap (change the port number) the ports that the internal host thinks it is using to a different port. This confuses the server and prevents clients from connecting. For more information see UT3 supports "Full cone NAT" routers only.

I also found an informative site that says:

Setup port forwarding for three ports (all UDP only): 13000, 7777 and 6500 (or whatever port/queryport your server is running on; 7777/6500 are the defaults).

Anyway, this info gave me some ideas of what might be causing this but I really don’t know how to fix it. Some insight into the situation would be greatly appreciated.