Problem With Symantec Corporate Anti-virus

I recently installed the new version of Antispam, but I can’t get it to work with Symantec Corporate AV’s email auto protection. When email auto protect is on, Outlook appears to successfully download email; but it never gets any messages, and no messages appear in the quarantine database. When I turn off email auto protect, everything works fine. Anyone have any suggestions?


Yes, Ebanker, CAS does not work very well with Symantec Corporate AV’s email auto protection at now. You could turn off emails auto protection to make it works fine. We will improve the compatibility in the future. Thanks!

I’m running version 3.8.64739.471 of the Comodo Firewall and the problem still exists.
Is there a solution in the works?
Other than this it works great.

Coincidence or not, one day after my post an update has been issued addressing the “Symantec E-mail Auto Protect” incompatibility.

Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the problem.

Hi Jp:

 Do you mean the Comdo Firewall has compatilility issue with Symantec Corporate AV?