problem with submitting files

i have been running the comodo firewall for a while, and although i have never gone too in depth with it…
recently i went through looking up, and submitting all the files that it was questioning. most of them went thorugh fine, but one file took a long time to submit and only got half way through before it came up with the error that it was unable to submit. something like connection had timed out. all other things i have been doing with the internet are working fine.
i cannot say if the file is too fig or something, but i cant find a way to take it out of the submission list. because i know its safe, but it just keeps trying and failing to submit it.

thanks for any help.

I have this same problem only none of my files can be submitted. Whenever I try it also says that the connection had timed out. Also, I am unable to perform an Online Lookup for files because it takes forever and then returns error for each one.

I am not sure if this is the same problem or not, but if someone could address this one I’d appreciate the help.

Edit: I am no longer having this problem.

well i thought at some point that it might have been that some of the files were too big, or maybe otherwise corrupt or something and couldn’t be sent. i think at the time i was simply worried about the auto submission that kept coming up.
but i have since then found out how to turn off the automatic function, and deleted from the submit list.

however, now one update rendered my copy of vista to all but stop working. so for now i cannot even use comodo, but good luck with that.