Problem with sharing in local network

Hi, I feel I should ask about my problem, since I ve read everything on this topic on this forum and I couldnt find any answer. Its about sharing folders and disks in local network. Ive created rules for zones 192.168.123.x like it was described here, but the problem Im having is very specific and happend already many times on different computers - first was on the job, here at home,…and so on. At home I installed Comodo on both computers which are connected to router and specified the same rules for zones so they can see each other when I share folders and disks (with “use simple file sharing” in windows eplorer turned off)
The problem starts when somebody on computer , say A, tries to create, modify, delete, files on computer B which are shared; then the message appears “access denied”. I also enabled maximum rights (“full control”) for every user in every shared folder in windows explorer. This problem always appeared right after i installed comodo. It is the same if somebody on computer B tries to do the same on computer A. However, sharing does work if someone from computer A tries to just copy files from compter B, and vice versa. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this, cause its really bugging me for a while now and I cant recommend my friends this firewall at the moment who have many computers connected to router at home.
Thanks in advance.

So, noone has ever had this problem? Thats really weird, cause it happend to me every time everywhere I tried to install comodo firewall… :frowning:

me too. remove comodo and magically the intranet appears and all the lan machines are visible.

weird it is just you and me :wink: