Problem with Sharing files and folders

I had Norton 360 in my two home machines which I have unistalled completely by using Norton removal tool and took a decision to buy NOD32 Antivirus and use Comodo firewall. However, eversince I have installed this new combination I am fighting issues that need to be resolved now because its almost 24 hours since I am doing this troubleshooting.

Here is my system details:
Comodo Firewall:
XP Pro SP2
NOD32 Antivirus

My problems:

  1. I am not able to shares my files and folders on the network now. I have set the Network in my Network zones and in fact Comodo automatically detected my network and I opted to share all files and folders on this network.
    I have also used Stealth Wizard to define my trusted network.

  2. When I send an email from Incredimal Email client the client hangs for a few seconds before the mail can be sent.

Any help from you guys will be most appreciated.

Can anyone help me with sharing file issue as that’s most important at the moment and I guess will be lot easier to resolve?

Friends, I am on verge of uninstaling the firewall as i am sure I have done everything correct in books to network my machines and now Comodo has done something that is not allowing file sharing. If anyone can take out sometime and help me urgently I will appreciate it else I will with very sorry frame join the gang of unhappy Comodo customer :((

Are you sure its not NOD32. Be sure you have the latests version. Head on over to Wilderssecurity. Did you make your email client an email item in firewall rules?

Thanks for your reply. The email gets hanged because of some realtime Nod32 protection that when disabled makes the email run fine. I have taken up this issue with Eset and they areworking on it.

My main concern at the moment is sharing my files and folders. I am not able to do that with Comodo and earlier it was flawless with Norton. I have done everything I could within my domain knowledge but my network is not working. Please help me on this issue.

Thanks for your response.