Problem with Sandbox. Need help.

I bought a new emachines laptop recently and there was a program running at startup (greg.exe) which I believe was a benign global registration or something, but I wanted it gone.
At first it kept popping up in Sandbox, that it had isolated it… so I disabled it from the startup in msconfig and ccleaner, deleted the file and uninstalled the emachines registration program.
It still pops up over and over again in the Sandbox at the bottom right corner…

check in task manager to make sure there is not a left over task. If even a task is trying to call a files that does not exist comodo will sandbox it.

Do you mean Task Scheduler (control panel->scheduled tasks)?

yeah ;D

Ok, what do I look for.
Can I get a walkthrough?

open up task scheduler and look for anything that is trying to run greg.exe ( might be at boot, once per day or what not). here is a video that shows how it works.