Problem with restore file and directory

Hi, I’m Riccardo, I’m new here, and perhaps this question has already been posted! If so plz help me to find the answer…

My problem is:

  1. I made a backup of “files and folders” of a USB-Pen-Drive
  2. I tryed to restore them in the original position “default option of CB” and it worked

2.2 I tryed to restore them in a different folder (named “test CB”, previously created, on the desktop) and It didn’t work properly.
I’ll explain myself:

  1. once the process completed “test CB” folder resulted empty for windows explorer
  2. the “properties folder” of windows explorer show that the “test folder” contains: 1300 files 223 folders for 700 Mb (hidden?)
  3. my folder properties are set up for shows any hidden files, but they aren’t show as hidden files
  4. Only If I type on prompt or on the explorer bar the complete path: desktop\test folder\drive_D (“drive_D” is the original path of the usb-pen-drive) I can finally reach the files and folders.

I think this is very stupid and I can’t undestand why it’s happening

Plz help me!


Maybe the full path length of each file/directory is greater than 260 characters.
This means that explorer cannot view these files & directories.
Try to restore on “C:\test folder”.


I too am experiencing this problem.

This has nothing to do with the size of the path name. This is a coding problem in COMODO backup: intentional or not.

It is a problem with the attributes of the root directory in the path name. If the root of the path is a system protected directory, for example \DRIVE_E, it is normally hidden from the user. Since Comodo appears to store all files with their path including the root, all files restored to another location other than the original will appear not to have been restored.

When restoring the files to a location other it original, COMODO should either mark the root of the path as a non-system directory or permit the files to be restored without their paths to a new location.

I don’t have the exact information because I am not currently at a system with Comodo Backup loaded, but the problem is easily recreated.

If additional information is required, then the developers or support group can contact me directly or issue a subsequent post.

Regards …


We fixed this problem in the new version of Comodo BackUp 3.0 BETA3.
You will have to recreate the backup to avoid the issue.