Problem with remembering Decisons - Svchost

That was exactly the problem I had although my screen looks a little different. I was using Speed Touch as well via Homecall Pipex out of interest. In the end I swiched to Norton which I am now using on Vista.

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Vista is not listed among V2 supported OSes.

  1. Do you use File and Printer sharing?
  2. Did you install CPF after NOD?

I am on Vista now was on XP Pro at the time of the errors. File and Printer sharing was off NOD was installed last.

Hi again.

Just to say Netbois on my OS was enabled, when I disabled it problem solved, no more alerts and it doesnt even ask about svchost anymore. All’s well that ends well.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, phil I was waiting for your followup. 88)