Problem with program keep closing!

Hello guys not sure if this is the right place, but i’ll get to the point, when i tried to do a scan one time it randomly closed all of a sudden when it was just sitting there (computer was idle).

Also when i see the icon to the program in the system tray i think its running, but when i try to hover over the icon and the icon just vanishes, then i look in task manager and nothing to do with Comodo is running, what can i do to fix this error?

Scared I’m not getting protection!

When cfp.exe crashes that is not a problem. It is only the socalled client. It instructs the underwater process cmdagent.exe what to filter and what not.

Was cmdagent.exe running? That is the process doing all the protective work.

Make sure to set the Comodo Internet Security Helper service (cmdagent.exe) to always recover after a crash. See attached image.

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