Problem with printing from Word [Split for clarity]

[Edit: I’m running XP Media Center SP3 with all the latest updates, and the latest Comodo, 5.10.228257.2253. ] Defense+ set to Safe, running Microsoft Word. Go to Print command, and there is no default printer (in reality, and from Firefox, there is). Try to add a printer, and I receive the error “Directory Service Is Not Currently Available.” Change the Defense+ setting to disable, navigate away and then back to print, and the printer is there. Change back to Safe mode, navigate away and back to print, and the printer is gone.

I have identified the entire Office 2010 folder as trusted, Microsoft Corporation is a trusted vendor, there are no files or applications in the Unrecognized list. In one of the Comodo lists Word was listed as running ‘Partially-Limited’. What do I have to do to make it totally unlimited? I wish there was the ability to change this from the event log.

Are you running the click to run version of Word/Office?

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I’m not sure what that version is. We bought the Home/Student 2010 version of Office. The icons (desktop, Start Menu, Office Toolbar) start the individual executables.

I went back to the D+ log (and figured out I had to right click directly on the executable name) and made sure the Word executable was set as trusted. I wish the list would then update to show that the change had actually occurred. Or that there was a different list that would show the current state of all executables that D+ was doing anything with. It seems like an executable can be trusted and partially limited in the Sandbox.

Anyway, I rebooted, and the problem did not recur. I’ll repost if it returns. Thank you.

Strange…this should not be needed, Word should be trusted because the vendor is trusted.

FYI. You always have to restart programs before the trusted status is effective.

You can see the privs with which programs are running on the active processes list.

‘Click and Run’ is often pre-installed, so probably does not apply in your case. Did you install from a CD? If so don’t think it’s click and run.

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