Problem with pop-up window


I’ve downloaded and installed the beta version ( ) and I have a little problem.

Depense+ is set to Clean PC mode ( default setting ) and each time I ‘download’ my e-mails, I have the following pop-up window. ( sorry for my english, but I’m French )

Can someone tell me where the problem comes from ?


[attachment deleted by admin]

This alert appears because the location that the new directory is being created in is protected by CFP’s Defense+. To fix the problem, click Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy. On that window, locate and select the entry for the program mentioned in the pop-up (em???.exe - I can’t see the jpg with the details from this reply window). Then, click Edit and on the Edit window, (it should have “Use a Custom Policy” selected) click “Access Rights”. On the Process Access Rights window, select Allow for the “Protected Files/Folders” entry and finally click Apply, Apply and Apply. You could just click “Use a Predefined Policy” on the Edit window and select “Trusted Application”, but that gives the program privileges that it does not need.


Thank you for your help.