Problem with Open SSH


I’m having a real problem trying to get SSH to work with Comodo.
The application I’m using to connect is WRQ Reflection X (
Comodo has been pretty straight forward to setup and use with all kinds of apps but this one I just can’t ■■■■■ it. I have allowed the application maximum flexibility (allow all activities, create a trusted application) and yet it won’t work. Only by sliding the slider to “Allow All” the only way to make it work. Anyone has experienced same/similar issue?

Also let me know what information I can get to you guys.


The fact that it works when you set the firewall to “Allow All” would seem to indicate that the problem is caused within the Network Monitor component of CFP. I note that you have set the application to have maximum permissions in the Application Monitor.

If you open CFP, click on SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS - CONFIGURE, you can adjust the alert slider to very high. This will produce alerts for all TCP/UDP inbound/outbound requests, showing ports, IPs and applications. This should generate sufficient data to create an explicit Application Monitor rule and show the detail required to create a Network Monitor rule to allow that traffic out.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi vng78,


you can find which ports you should open.

Thanks guys for your quick responses.

I tried following panic’s advice to set the Alerts to “Very High” but strangely, no alerts popped up? Or should I be looking at some kind of log file? I also created a Network Monitor rule (more below) and ticked the “Fire alert if this rule is met” box but nothing came up. (:AGY)

After painfully observing different sub applications from WRQ and the IPs and ports etc. I found out the remote server is trying to connect to my box on port 6000 (hope this won’t change after a restart) so I created a Network Monitor rule, “Allow TCP/UDP, In, Destination Port 6000” and it now works.

Great product!