Problem with open ports

I just did a Shields Up on my computer (btw running Comodo Firewall), and three ports are open:
21 / 23 /80
As I understand from the feedback, this might be quite a security risk.

I ran a port search (GroundZero Advanced Port Watch), and as far as I can see, no program is listening on these ports, though.

The situation is like this:

I ran the same test some days ago on a friend’s wireless unsecured network - no open ports.
At home (man - I just moved abroad, I don’t know the language, and I rely on technicians that I can’t talk to to fix things for me) I just installed internet with a wireless router (secured network), and here the warnings come… Could the open ports be related to the router? Is there anything I should and could do to close them?

EDIT: I just ran a test on my girlfriends computer. She has another setup than me and is not the software testing idiot that I am… But, the same ports are open… How big a risk are we taking here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :SMLR


If you’re behind a router of any sort, when you send out a request to be port probed (like ShieldsUp), the post testing site sends a packet back to your publicly accessible IP (this is your router, not your PC). The router then responds to the data packet, not the PC. This can be verified by checking what IP address is being probed and comparing that address against the IP address currently assigned to your PC.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you (:WAV)

I think I got it. The way I read it, I at least don’t have to search my computer for anything using/opening ports without me wanting to (aside from the usual checking).
I checked with IP address, and it is the router address responding! Which should mean that my computer is safe. (yes?)

There is a reason why I am already in love with this forum. I’ll try to pay back by voting for Comodo wherever :■■■■