Problem with on-demand scan and some files from unix systems

Since I am happily using BOC clean and the Comodo firewall, I thought I might give the AV a try. But I ran into a major problem: for three hours now I have not managed to have a complete scan run through. Most unix files (backups kept on my windows machine) reliably cause AV to hang, same goes for .jpg or .gif files, sometimes also .html files. Any ideas what could be causing this? I am using WinXP Pro w/ SP2. When I say “hang” I mean the scan timer continues but AV does not scan anything.

A question on the side: if I have the firewall with Defense+, why would I need HIPS? They seem to do the same thing…

Addendum: just got the seemingly same problem with very small .bmp files (2-3k). With these, AV does not really hang, it just slows to a crawl - the file count does not increase, the folder count does.

Hello? Any ideas?

From what I have read on this forum if you have the latest version of CFP (ver. with D+ enabled you do not need to have HIPS enabled on CAV2 (and maybe should not have). Try no HIPS on CAV, and maybe try seeing which process is hanging while doing a scan.

EDIT: I had some work files stored on my home computer for a while that would hang on any sort of scan. My remedy was to move them off my computer (since I was simply warehousing them).