Problem with OC4J and Comodo Firewall

Hi to all, it’s my first post to this forum so nice to meet you all.
I use Comodo Firewall since few months and I like it very much but, as from subject, I have problem with Oracle Container for Java Extended version The problem is when I start my web application OC4J cannot start javac for compiling my JSP pages and give an error like “Cannot Instantiate Java Virtual Machine”. After unistalling Comodo Firewall I had no more this error, I’ve tried to disable both FireWall and Defence+ but it won’t work until complete unistalling. I didn’t found anything around internet about this and I cannot understand why Comodo block Java, I’ve guessed it was becouse java.exe call javac.exe and I’ve set both this applications to trusted but nothing, problem still exist.
Anyone may help? Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Are there related entries under view firewall/defense+ events?

Try to add all folders of your program to computer security policy with wildcard character (e. g. c:\program files\Oracle Container*) and declare them trusted. Does it change anything?

Oracle Container for Java Extended version
Is it latest version of your program? If no, does latest version have same issue with 3.0.18?

Have you tried deactivating Defense+ permanently under advanced/defense+ settings (reboot required)?
So, do you have this issue if firewall is disabled, defense+ is disabled (AND deactivated)?