Problem with Norton Save&Restore File and Folder Backup from improper virus FP

I am having a problem with CIS Anti Virus blocking the execution of a file backup due to an improper Anti Virus hit on a file I have already added to My Own Safe Files. Here is the issue:

When I specifically scan the file with CIS AV, it does not detect a threat. If I use Norton Save and Restore to back up the entire drive, it does not have a problem, but if I use the Files and Folders backup feature in NSR to back up specific file locations, then CIS AV flags the specific file as a threat and blocks access, thus killing the backup. The problem seems to be that the File and Folder backup creates a file list in “\Device\SymantecSnapshot\Volume1(specific file location and name here)”, which seems to negate the fact that the file is in the My Own Safe Files list.

Is there a way to make CIS AV stop flagging those files in the snapshot? Thanx

Try this temporary solution.

go to D+ computer policy and add this file as windows system application.

hope this should help



My solution:

FYI just in case anyone comes across this thread with a similar problem - the solution that I found was to add this string as an Exclusion in the Scanner Settings:

My file backups now are running. Thanx