Problem with no uploads on Windows 7! [SOLVED]

My Uploads are blocked even after i done a factory reset. Windows firewall works ok but i just can’t seem to get Comodo firewall to work for uploads. 88) ??? Its the latest firewall installed on Windows 7.

I have no problems with it installed on Windows Xp & Vista just on Windows 7. Please help! :slight_smile:

Hi cyp21,

Welcome to the forums, can you explain a bit more about what updates are going wrong?
uploading files to a website?

I’ve seen this recently on a users system, they had to update the network drivers to fix the issue, can you verify if there are newer drivers for your network adapter?

Hi thanks for the reply!

Any uploads are getting blocked when i have comodo installed same problem with Kaspersky Internet Security when it was installed BUT when i just use Windows Firewall there are no problems with uploads.

I will try updating all the drivers then take it from there. I will let you know what happens.

Hi Ronny

Thanks problem solved!

I updated Windows & Sony drivers and i presume it was a Network Sony update that solved it.

Cheers :-TU

Good to hear, and thanks for the feedback :-TU