Problem with new Avast! version [Resolved]

Hello ;

Avast! released an update to their program yesterday (version 4.7.871), and now my firewall keeps bugging me with rules that it cannot remember (avast.setup). Every time the program launches the updater or I launch it manually, I have to click 8-10 times for rules. Over and over again.

I know that Sygate, which I had before, had problems with the Avast! updater as well, but they finally fixed it.

Can I expect a fix for this soon ? I have version (CPF).


unfortunately, (:SAD),i also had the same problem couple of days ago…
since you have reported it now,i hope they fix it as you know… (CNY)

I also got that. But, I don’t think it was CPFs fault. As Avast performed the update it changed avast.setup several times, it performed the update in a modular fashion. Thus, CPF was correct in its warnings, avast.setup was changing.


Yes this is correct. CPF is detecting cryptographic changes etc to the program so CPF alerts you to it in case it is a virus or trojan that modified the program.

However, if you keep getting the exact same alerts over and over can you post the images of both the repeated popups? This allows us to see exactly what CPF is alerting you to.


Hi Mike, and thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry I had a busy day today.

Well, I’m getting 11 popups from CPF when I launch the manual updater, each and every time I launch it. The auto updater failed this morning when I booted up, of course.

How many screenshots can I upload in a single post here ? I’ll try with 2 this time. I’m not familiar with this SMF board software, so here goes…

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you look at the #1 pic : that Listen port changes every time, although CPF should allow the application on any port (as I’ve allowed it). Strange…

I think you should test this yourself, because I would be at it for hours trying to show you everything…

I had same problem and a reinstall of Comodo fixed it. Avast has updated its program before without any problems.

Hi Steve ;

Yep, I thought about a reinstall, but would rather not. If I need to uninstall/reinstall CPF every time Avast! updates their program, it will drive me nuts. I also realise that Avast! isn’t the easiest program to manage, from a firewall perspective.

Oh well… I’ll keep an eye on this discussion for a little while, and then I’ll decide what I need to do. I am keeping Avast! though.

Cheers all,


Can you go to application monitor and delete all entries for avast! This will make CPF alert you again for each popup, but may stop repeated entries. This has been known to work before.



You’re a freaking genious (:CLP)

Don’t know why I didn’t think of that one, but you certainly nailed it (:KWL)

All seems well now. I deleted all Avast! entries and then added (allowed) them back in. A big thanks.

The stable version( has a known bug which causes these recurrent popup messages. It is fixed in BETA versions.

Thanks for the heads up egemen ;

I’m new to this, so could you tell me if I need to get the Beta ? Or wait for the next official update ? I’d rather stay with official versions, and just redo what I did with Avast! if needed, until the next release rolls around. Your thoughts ?


It is better to stick with the current version. We are about to release the new stable version in a couple of days. So CPF updater will warn you when it is released.


Excellent, glad it worked. And thanks for the genius bit, but I was only going on experience from the forums. (:KWL) (:NRD)