Problem with networking!

I have just installed CPF, but I have no idea how to set up my home network!
I have trying to search the forum and can’t find an answer to it…
Hope one of u guys here could help me out…

I have 1 pc and 1 laptop at home and they could access each other on the network b4. After i have installed the CPF it doesn’t give me permission to access network? why is that?
I have try my network to allow in and out IP but still it doesn’t work… I have set IP and mask for both computers… please give me an idea how to allow access as b4?

Please help me out here guys!!! thanks


What you need to do is :
1- go to Security->Tasks,
2- Select Add a trusted Zone and define your local area network as a trusted zone.

After doing this, make sure Security->Advanced->Secure the host while booting option is not selected and restart your PC.

Now you should be able to access your network.

Note : If you have CPF installed in both of your computers, you need to follow the steps above for both of them.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Egemen for ur reply!!! ;D
I want to know about add a trusted zone more as the trusted zone is my comp IP? or the other comp? or what is it actually?

Can u tell me more about setting up IP for both my comps on the network … how do i actually do it and how to set it all up? Setting up the network is driving me crazy! hahaha

hope u can help me out here…

When you click on the “Add a trusted zone wizard”, CPF will show you the Zones. You need to select the Zone that your computers belong to(You only have 1 zone i guess.). Then CPF will do the rest.