Problem with NBA Live 08

CF3 or Defense+ blocks NBA Live 08, when I disabled the two it worked fine, whenever they’re enabled it is stuck.

Hi bomba90

Are you able to access other web pages? What browser are you using? Do you have your browser set as "web browser in your firewall application rules?


I am using Firefox with CFP and can access NBA Live 08 just fine with both FF and IE.

He is talking about the Game NBA Live 08. Duh. Its very simple since I am a gamer. Delete all entires of NBA Live 08 in Firewall and D+ and reboot. Then set Firewall and D+ to “training” mode. Launch NBA Live 08 and Comodo will auto learn the game. Do that for any other game you have. I play BF2,WOW,COD4,TF2,Timeshift,GOW and many others with no problems after using training mode.

Thanks for that Vettetech - obviously I’m not a gamer (:LGH)